My Background


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Conant. My father was a harpsichordist, and I was lucky to have grown up with the sound of Baroque music around me. I studied classical piano from an early age, going on to perform as a keyboardist and singer with dozens of bands throughout the years spanning a huge variety of styles; from indie pop to reggae, alt country, r&b and folk to trad jazz and a lot of stuff in between. I understand music as a formal study and also as a practical, real-world skill. 


You Can Play Piano Too...


So many people find themselves saying "I'm not musical" when truly, they are. If you enjoy music, then you're on your way... If you've got the desire to learn, you can. You don't have to be a classically trained pianist to make simple, good music that's enjoyable to play. And if you're starting up after a long absence - good for you! - I'll share some helpful tips and insights to get you enjoying success after the very first lesson. This time around you'll get it. 


Any Level / Any Goal / Any Age


From absolute beginners to those who just want to reacquaint themselves with the keyboard, my job is to help you learn what you want to learn. We can work on anything that's on your list; some folks want coaching with technique, some folks want to play a song as soon a possible, others want to enlarge their repertoire. Others might want to play in a band, de-mystify music theory or just help prepare for NYSSMA. Whatever your goal, I'm here to make it happen. And I promise you it will be an enjoyable process.